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Protect your supplies! Delay steel corrosion through coating systems designed to maintain the integrity or aesthetics of steel! We offer a wide range  of coating systems and will work with you to determine the best choice for your project. Coal tar epoxy, fusion bond coating, or glass flake coating are among the most common systems we provide our customers. Depending on the project application and product, we also offer Hot Dip Galvanized steel. Hot dip galvanizing is commonly used to protect steel embedded in soil and/or concrete or submerged in water. 

Coating and

Coating & Galvanizing


JK Steel Products offers value engineering to help with the design or redesign of your projects to meet or improve on existing design requirements. Whether you just want to improve on the budget or you are impacted by material availability or encounter limitations in your pile driving equipment, let our solution-oriented team help. With safety and cost-efficiency in mind, value engineering is a key element for our team to help contractors and project owners save time and money. 



We aim to be a one-stop-shop for our customers, delivering products that are ready to install on site. Pre-assembled waler systems, stud welding, welded pile tips, cutting, splicing, sheet pile pairing, and numerous other fabrication work is available to meet your project requirements. AWS (D1.1) welding and testing is a common requirement we follow.    



We are your trusted partner for inspections and appraisals of new, used, surplus, or reject steel products. Whether you are looking to buy or sell you will want to be confident in the quality of the material. JK Steel Products brings our depth of experience working with a wide variety of projects and products to every inspection or appraisal job so you know what to expect.

Inspection &

Inspection & Appraisel

Timing is everything. We understand that your project schedule, and product delivery, is extremely important. JK Steel will work with you to ensure we can get your products from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work with a wide range of transportation partners who are well-equipped to deliver by truck, barge, rail, ocean vessel, or air freight when needed. We make your timeline a priority in our planning and communicate throughout the order preparation and the delivery process. 


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